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Industry Trends

Material Modeling Promotes Advances in Energy Storage

Researchers develop versatile supercapacitor to demonstrate how new technique for identifying materials yields results.


Boosting Drive Distance of Electric Vehicles

A paper-thin device could improve power systems for cars, trains, and airplanes, increasing driving distance.

Lead-Acid vs Lithium Ion Batteries: Which will Win?

Both battery technologies are beginning to compete more heavily in select overlapping markets.

Is this Last Mile for the Million-Mile Battery?

Announcements from Tesla and CATL show that a long-lived, cobalt-free and competitively price EV and grid/home batteries may finally have arrived.

New 2021 Ford F-150 Goes Hybrid-Electric

Ford promises a full battery electric-version of its flagship pickup within two years.

Garrett E-Turbo Jumps from F1 to Mercedes-AMG Production

Mercedes is the first to announce this electric turbocharger for a production model.

Watch Chevrolet Demonstrate EV Life with a New Video Series

Chevy's 15 videos give prospective EV drivers a feel for what to expect from a new Bolt EV.

The Advanced Battery Manufacturing Industry vs COVID-19

See how the community is coming together to fight the coronavirus.

A Silicon Valley Startup's 'Lucid' Take on EV Technology

The Lucid Air electric luxury car promises to set new performance and range benchmarks.

AI Predicts Battery Health

Researchers have developed machine learning to predict the safety and longevity of energy-storage devices.

New Energy Storage Tech Challenges Lithium Batteries but at What Cost?

Will redox chemical flow batteries for long-duration storage of wind and solar energies overcome lithium’s economic advantage?

Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries for EVs

A new electrolyte can raise the voltage for less recharging without causing flammability.

How Does COVID-19 Impact the Battery Industry?

Already under siege from the US-China trade dispute, the global lithium-ion battery market must also deal with impacts from the coronavirus.

Blink Mobile Charger is a Virtual Gas Can for EVs

The Blink Mobile Charger will give EV drivers the opportunity for a quick roadside recharge.

New Solution to Keep Lithium Batteries from Catching Fire

A novel separator developed at UC San Diego can withstand damage from dendrite puncture and help prevent catastrophic failure.

Unprecedented EV Charging Speeds in the Works from DOE

Research from the Department of Energy paves the way for devices and EVs that can recharge at unprecedented speeds.

First Details on the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT Fuel Cell Vehicle

BMW is keeping the faith in fuel cell technology, with an assist from Toyota.

New Self-Charging Battery Eyed for Electronic Devices

The cell, developed by collaborators in the U.S. and Portugal, combines negative capacitance and negative resistance to recharge without losing power.

Electric Cars Better for Climate in 95% of the World Claims New Report

Media reports have regularly questioned whether electric cars are really “greener” once emissions from production and generating their electricity are taken into account. 

Machine-Learning Research from Stanford, Toyota Bolsters EV Battery Design

New software can reduce the amount of testing and evaluation needed during the design process to hasten development.

We're on the Road to Somewhere: GM Maps its Electric Vehicle Future

The Ultium electric drive system underpins future EVs of various body styles.

"Danger Zone" of Lithium-Battery Defects Identified

Studying where defects occur gives team from Michigan Tech insight on how to avoid the growth of dendrites, which cause battery failure.

The Latest on GMC's 2022 Hummer SUV and Pickup

The upcoming all-electric SUV and SUT bear a strong resemblance to each other.

New Study Provides Insight on how to Make Lithium Batteries Safer

An international team grew and observed dendrites, the reason batteries sometimes catch fire or explode, to help prevent them in future designs.

GM's Lab Tortures Batteries In Preparation For Upcoming EVs

General Motors is getting lithium-ion battery packs ready for the GMC Hummer and other future battery-electric models.