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Industry Trends

General Motors Enters Electric Delivery Business

General Motors’ Brightdrop division will supply FedEx with electric trucks, pallets, and a coordinated tracking system.


Will AI Learning Help Fast-Charging Batteries?

Industry experts debated where AI might be useful for fast-charging battery tech during the Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days panel.

Testing is the Secret to Rimac’s Success

Analog Devices’ battery management technology helps Rimac get the most from its supercars' batteries.

New Solution to Prevent Dendrites for Safer EV Batteries

Researchers at Columbia University use potassium salt to diminish material degradation in lithium-metal EV batteries.

Eco-Friendly Method to Recycle Lithium Batteries Lowers Costs

A process developed by researchers at UC San Diego can restore used lithium battery cathodes to their original condition.

Research Paves Way for More Stable, Longer-Lasting Batteries

New materials for designing the anode of lithium-ion batteries show less degradation over time.

Transparent Solar Cells Eyed for Smart, Energy-Sustainable Buildings

Novel photovoltaic devices like solar cells can generate energy even in cloudy conditions by using more of the light spectrum.

New Smart Home Device Controls Energy at the Edge

A device developed at Texas A&M helps improve energy delivery between solar-powered homes and the electricity grid.

Will EVs Save The Auto Industry?

Global light vehicle sales are rebounding, with EVs leading the way everywhere but the U.S.

Winter Is Here! Lower Your Expectations

Gasoline fuel economy and electric vehicle range decrease when cold weather hits—here’s why.

Europe Versus China

New European regulations aim to help grow the lithium-ion battery industry in the EU.

BASF Materializes Mobile Charging Concept

Wheel-mounted charger brings power to mobile devices and electric cars.

Beam Global’s EV Arc Solar Charging Stations Land on Federal GSA Schedule

Federal agencies can now buy Beam’s stand-alone solar EV chargers from the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule contract.

Audi Contemplates Honeycombs for Composite Battery Casings

The German automaker teams up with Belgium-based EconCore and others to potentially replace aluminum.

Building a Better On-Board EV Charger with Gallium Nitride

Texas Instruments’ gallium nitride semiconductor technology points the way toward greater efficiency.

Electrode Paves Way for EV Battery Charging in Minutes

Focusing on the particle size of electrode materials, researchers have come up with a fast-charging device that could potentially charge an EV battery up to 90 percent in six minutes.

How to Build a Better Car Battery

Lead-acid battery technology paves the way to continued relevance in an EV world.

Thermal Considerations of Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid Batteries

How battery characteristics and EV performance change with temperature changes.

Building Batteries Nearby

VW’s new Battery Lab is located in Chattanooga for a reason.

Is Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Still Viable?

Before lithium, NiMH was the EV and hybrid vehicle battery of choice.

Can Batteries Replace Rocket Fuel?

As space rocket launches increase, concern grows about their environmental impact on the planet. Might batteries replace traditional rocket fuel?

General Motors Adding 3,000 Tech Jobs for EV Development

General Motors' EV push requires 3,000 more jobs for engineers and other tech workers

Measuring Lithium-ion Cell Self-Discharge

Excess self-discharge indicates potentially catastrophic problems within the cell. Know which external factors impact the results.

Creating Order From Disorder in Batteries

Researchers demonstrate the transport of sodium ions in a device at efficiency on par with commercial lithium-based batteries.

Teijin Joins AZL Partner Network for Lightweighting

Initial focus on EV multi-material battery enclosures.

Will Fast Charging Become Tomorrow’s Gas Station?

Fast charging stations and tech hold great promise, but challenges abound.

The Zombies of the Battery World

Lead-acid batteries have been around forever—it seems that they just will not die.

Lightweight Current Collectors

Clever engineering not only reduces a battery’s weight but also reduces its flammability.

Insulate Yourself from the Shock of Electrifying Puns at The Battery Show

Even an online gathering of engineers and scientists is no protection from terrible puns.

Ford’s Brutal F-150 Hybrid Battery Test

Ford engineers tortured the F-150 hybrid’s battery pack with 10 years’ worth of abuse.

UHMWPE Expansion Caters to Lithium-ion Battery Growth

Celanese announces GUR capacity expansion at Bishop, Texas.

Vanilla Repurposed for Ecological Energy Storage

Vanillin, used as a flavor compound, forms the basis for a liquid electrolyte for redox flow battery, which scientists believe is key to generating the type of energy storage needed to sustainably add renewable energy to the power grid.

Secrets of the Tesla Model Y Octovalve

The incredible level of integration of the Model Y's thermal management system provides Tesla numerous advantages.

Batteries, Fuel Cells Powered by Spinach

Researchers use leafy vegetable to create carbon nanosheets to catalyze oxygen reduction in hydrogen fuel cells and batteries.

Recycling Is Coming

Contrary to naysayers, lithium-ion battery recycling will soon become a big deal.

The Sodium-Ion Battery Alternative

As an inexpensive alternative to lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion battery technologies are appearing on the horizon.

New Electrolyte Material Improves Safety, Performance of Li Batteries

A solid combination of lithium, boron, and sulfur could help scientists build better batteries for devices and EVs.

Q&A with Jenny McCall, Event Director, The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days

Design News spoke with Jenny McCall, Event Director of The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days, who shared details on what attendees can expect; made session recommendations; and offered suggestions on how to prepare for the plethora of virtual networking opportunities that could lead to the next breakthrough advancement.

BOPP Grade Ups Performance Ante for New Energy Vehicles

The new film offering makes it possible to downsize vehicle power control units.

Bolstering Battery Design, Recycling

Researchers can predict the true condition of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in real-time, gleaning new insights into performance parameters, and paving the way for smarter design.

Wireless Device Eyed for more Sustainable Solar Production

The cell can turn carbon dioxide, solar, and water into a storable energy source.

Lithium Rich Cathode Materials

A combination of computer simulation and lab benchwork provides some surprises in the study of lithium-rich oxides that could be used in battery cathodes.

Banking on Batteries

Grid-scale battery storage is making renewable energy both practical and affordable.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup Will be Built in Dedicated 'Factory Zero'

GM's flagship Hummer off-roader gets a new factory to go with its new green electric powertrain.

Simpler Way to Predict Battery Performance to Improve Design

New analytical model provides a faster way to know how which battery materials will deliver certain results.

Protective Layer Paves Way for Cold-Charging Batteries

Researchers at Penn State have developed a self-assembling solution to protect lithium-metal batteries.

Amazon Rolls Out its First Electric Delivery Van

Online shopping giant Amazon aims to deploy 100,000 electric vans built by EV specialist Rivian.

How Dangerous Are Burning Electric Vehicles?

Swiss researchers find out with experiments that set electric vehicle batteries on fire in various scenarios.

How to Build a Better E-Scooter and E-Bike

The growing demand for micro-mobility vehicles requires a fresh look at battery management techniques to extend range and improve performance.

New Anode Allows for Safe Battery Recharge in Minutes

Researchers at UC San Diego may have found a solution that enables lithium-ion batteries to be safely recharged within minutes for thousands of cycles.

Will Electric Flight Succeed?

Recent cancellation of a joint Airbus and Rolls Royce electric airliner project puts battery-powered flight into question.

Decades-Old Energy-Storage Puzzle Solved

Researchers now know why some metal oxides can hold more energy capacity than should be possible.

Top 10 EV Values in Dollars per Mile

Spoiler: Tesla is not number one in EV value!

Fruit Peel Transforms Old Batteries Into New

Method developed by researchers in Singapore is an environmentally friendly way to recycle metals from old batteries.

DIY Potato Battery Powered AI-based GLaDOS

Making a potato battery is easy but making a GLaDOS takes a bit more work.

New Look at Dendrite Formation in Batteries

Analyzing the battery problem from inside electrodes provides new insight for future designs.

Research Improves Lifespan for EV Batteries with Nickel-Based Cathodes

Scientists have discovered a key reason for the degradation of nickel-rich electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Lucid Air Debuts with Class-Leading 500-mile Range and Car-to-Car Charging

Lucid Motors is pressing the advantages of its much-newer technology to steal Tesla’s thunder.

Safer Anode for Long-Cycling, Energy-Dense Batteries

Researchers discover a material that can boost various aspects of energy storage for a range of future applications.

Common Adhesive Tape Used to Build a Better Battery

‘Anode-free’ battery design developed at Rice University has a shorter life span but is more lightweight and performs better.

Wireless Battery Monitoring Has Arrived

GM and Analog Devices, Inc. are implementing a wireless battery monitoring system on all of the automaker’s upcoming electric vehicles.

Medical Batteries Moving Forward

These highly specialized battery systems are benefitting from the development of lithium-ion batteries for laptops and EVs.

Tesla Battery Day 2020

Elon Musk Showcases Some of the Company’s Newest Technologies

EV Racing Safety

Are electrically powered racing cars more or less dangerous than gasoline-powered racers?

Flow Batteries Are Making Progress

As an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, various types of redox flow batteries are emerging as both safe and cost-effective.

Maserati MC20 Supercar Debuts in Gas and Electric Versions

The Maserati MC20's innovative Nettuno twin-turbo V6 will be joined by an available battery-electric drivetrain option.

Audi Plots the Future of its Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Saying that plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles are not an interim technology, Audi outlines its specific plans for such vehicles.

Batteries not Included

Chinese carmaker Nio introduces a Battery as a Service (BaaS) swappable battery system.

Breaking Through the Breakthroughs

Opinion: Is there any way to navigate the hype to find the truth about battery development?

New Lithium Battery Solves Two Key Issues

Current lithium-ion battery designs pose well-documented limitations and challenges so researchers are looking for ways to improve these energy-storage devices.

Research Supports Long-Range Batteries for EVs, Aircraft

Scientists have created electrolytes that can suppress growth in lithium-metal batteries, which require less recharging and can store more energy.

Liquid-Metal Battery Developed for Smart Grid, Wearables

Battery developed at UT Austin combines best qualities of solid- and liquid-state batteries.

Coating Paves Way for More Durable, Efficient Batteries

Researchers in Finland use carbon-based material to protect electrolyte and prolong device life.

Public Health and EVs

It turns out the electrification of our transportation system could save lives in addition to saving the planet.

Bentley Aims for Rare Earth-Free EV Production by 2026

Bentley Motors' OCTOPUS project is targeting the development of electric motors for future EVs like the EXP 100 GT that won't need copper or rare earth metals.

Cadillac Lyriq Reveals New Details of GM’s Ultium Battery Technology

Advanced chemistry and modular flexibility are key highlights of Ultium batteries for GM's next generation of EVs.

Audi Electronic Chassis Platform Integrates Vehicle Controls Into One System

The new electronic control unit will be 10 times faster than the system it replaces.

Lithium Batteries and Globalization

Part 1: We examine the different lithium-ion battery chemistries in use by car makers, and where those chemistries will lead them.

Lithium Batteries and Globalization

Part 2: The complexity of the global supply chain for lithium-ion batteries may be a hindrance to EV growth.

EVs and COVID-19 Disruption

What effects will the global pandemic have on the sales of electric vehicles (EVs)?

15 Takes on the Semi Future

The 57th DAC virtual event covered trends in chip design, AI, ML, open source, and battery systems; Wall Street forecasts; and manufacturing predictions out to 2030.

Electric Aircraft Opts for Carbon Fiber Composite

Japan’s Toray is to supply carbon fiber composite materials for Lilium’s all-electric air vehicle.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Smokes EV Performance Perceptions

Seven electric motors and a high-performance battery pack provide the Mustang Mach-E 1400 performance to burn.

EV Charging Infrastructure Demands High-Performance Plastic Solutions

Focus on charging plugs, charging stations, wall boxes, and inductive charging systems, with transfer of know-how from E&E and automotive applications.

Material Modeling Promotes Advances in Energy Storage

Researchers develop versatile supercapacitor to demonstrate how new technique for identifying materials yields results.

Boosting Drive Distance of Electric Vehicles

A paper-thin device could improve power systems for cars, trains, and airplanes, increasing driving distance.

Lead-Acid vs Lithium Ion Batteries: Which will Win?

Both battery technologies are beginning to compete more heavily in select overlapping markets.

Is this Last Mile for the Million-Mile Battery?

Announcements from Tesla and CATL show that a long-lived, cobalt-free and competitively price EV and grid/home batteries may finally have arrived.

New 2021 Ford F-150 Goes Hybrid-Electric

Ford promises a full battery electric-version of its flagship pickup within two years.

Garrett E-Turbo Jumps from F1 to Mercedes-AMG Production

Mercedes is the first to announce this electric turbocharger for a production model.

Watch Chevrolet Demonstrate EV Life with a New Video Series

Chevy's 15 videos give prospective EV drivers a feel for what to expect from a new Bolt EV.

The Advanced Battery Manufacturing Industry vs COVID-19

See how the community is coming together to fight the coronavirus.

A Silicon Valley Startup's 'Lucid' Take on EV Technology

The Lucid Air electric luxury car promises to set new performance and range benchmarks.

AI Predicts Battery Health

Researchers have developed machine learning to predict the safety and longevity of energy-storage devices.

New Energy Storage Tech Challenges Lithium Batteries but at What Cost?

Will redox chemical flow batteries for long-duration storage of wind and solar energies overcome lithium’s economic advantage?

Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries for EVs

A new electrolyte can raise the voltage for less recharging without causing flammability.

How Does COVID-19 Impact the Battery Industry?

Already under siege from the US-China trade dispute, the global lithium-ion battery market must also deal with impacts from the coronavirus.

Blink Mobile Charger is a Virtual Gas Can for EVs

The Blink Mobile Charger will give EV drivers the opportunity for a quick roadside recharge.

New Solution to Keep Lithium Batteries from Catching Fire

A novel separator developed at UC San Diego can withstand damage from dendrite puncture and help prevent catastrophic failure.

Unprecedented EV Charging Speeds in the Works from DOE

Research from the Department of Energy paves the way for devices and EVs that can recharge at unprecedented speeds.

First Details on the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT Fuel Cell Vehicle

BMW is keeping the faith in fuel cell technology, with an assist from Toyota.

New Self-Charging Battery Eyed for Electronic Devices

The cell, developed by collaborators in the U.S. and Portugal, combines negative capacitance and negative resistance to recharge without losing power.

Electric Cars Better for Climate in 95% of the World Claims New Report

Media reports have regularly questioned whether electric cars are really “greener” once emissions from production and generating their electricity are taken into account. 

Machine-Learning Research from Stanford, Toyota Bolsters EV Battery Design

New software can reduce the amount of testing and evaluation needed during the design process to hasten development.

We're on the Road to Somewhere: GM Maps its Electric Vehicle Future

The Ultium electric drive system underpins future EVs of various body styles.

"Danger Zone" of Lithium-Battery Defects Identified

Studying where defects occur gives team from Michigan Tech insight on how to avoid the growth of dendrites, which cause battery failure.

The Latest on GMC's 2022 Hummer SUV and Pickup

The upcoming all-electric SUV and SUT bear a strong resemblance to each other.

New Study Provides Insight on how to Make Lithium Batteries Safer

An international team grew and observed dendrites, the reason batteries sometimes catch fire or explode, to help prevent them in future designs.

GM's Lab Tortures Batteries In Preparation For Upcoming EVs

General Motors is getting lithium-ion battery packs ready for the GMC Hummer and other future battery-electric models.