September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN

State of the Advanced Battery Competitive Patent Landscape

  • An overview of the different battery patents in the industry and who owns them
  • An overview of the battery technology ownership landscape to identify which companies are spending resources in what areas
  • An insight into the trends regarding the evolution of advanced battery technology development
Matthew Rappaport, Managing Director, IP Checkups

Introducing TYVA MODULOO: The first 3D Li-Ion Modular and Green Battery

  • Introduction to TYVA-ENERGIE Group
  • State-of-the-art battery assembly 
  • TYVA MODULOO innovation and benefits
Thierry Claudel, CEO/CTO, TYVA-ENERGIE Group

Exploring Fiber Laser Solutions for Battery and Renewable Energy Technologies

  • High-brightness single-mode fiber lasers for high-speed remote foil cutting
  • Nanosecond pulsed lasers for dissimilar metal joining of electrical conductors
  • Tailored joining of foils, electronic conductors and hermetic battery packaging
Daniel Capostagno, Applications Manager – Americas, SPI

Testing for Trace Moisture in Battery Materials Using Relative Humidity Technology – a Karl Fischer Titration Alternative

  • The negative effects of moisture on batteries and in the battery manufacturing process
  • Historical methods of testing for moisture content in batteries and battery components
  • Modern alternatives for testing the moisture content of batteries and battery components
Garrett Rowe, Lab Manager, Arizona Instrument LLC

Using Fatigue Damage Spectrum for Accelerated Testing with Correlation to End-Use Environment

  • Replicate in the laboratory the failure modes resulting from dynamic stresses experienced in the field
  • Correlate to the end-use environment to validate target reliability requirements
  • Three fundamental questions about developing accelerated random vibration stress tests
Andy Cogbill, Application Engineer, Vibration Research

An Overview of NETZSCH Advanced Grinding & Dispersing Technologies in LiB application

  • Grinding of cathode and anode materials
  • Dispersing of CCS (ceramic coated separator) materials
  • Mixing and dispersing for conductive slurry
Yong Jin Kwon, Technical Sales, Specialist Focus Battery Team Worldwide, NETZSCH

Outlining Battery Management Considerations for Utility-Scale Energy Storage Systems

  • Scalability – managing parallel battery stacks without BMS hardware redundancy
  • System integration and interoperability – the MESA-Device/ SunSpec Energy Storage Model
  • Remote access and control – data analytics, performance optimization, firmware updating
Michael Worry, CEO, President, Nuvation Engineering

Evaluating Safe Lithium-Ion Battery Testing for Automotive Applications

  • Safety components for lithium-ion battery testing
  • Testing guidelines and industry standards including EUCAR Hazard Levels
  • Selecting proper safety options
Kevin Boring, Senior Application Engineer, Weiss Envirotronics

Evaluating Heraeus Porocarb® - a unique functional carbon additive platform for lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors and lead acid batteries

  • Heraeus Porocarb functional carbon additive platform for aqueous and non-aqueous electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems
  • Porocarb carbons exhibit a unique and tunable porosity profile
  • Benefits of pore network in various types of cells. 
Dominik Samuelis PhD, Head of Innovation, Heraeus New Businesses – Battery

New Solutions for Suppression of Lithium Ion Battery Fires

  • LithSafe representing a new product: EXTOVER
  • EXTOVER is capable of providing both active & passive protection against thermal incidents
  • LithSafe & EXTOVER developing solutions for testing-transport- storage of damaged or compromised lithium ion batteries
Gerry Flood, CEO, LithSafe div. of OnGARD, LLC

Mission Critical & Off-Grid Storage Solutions using: Nickel Iron & Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Brandon Williams, CEO & Lead System Designer, Iron Edison Battery Company