September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN



Energy Storage on the Electric Grid: The Opportunities, Applications, Markets and Policies Shaping the Industry

NY-BEST and The Battery Show have partnered to offer a free webinar that will provide attendees with an overview of the scope of the opportunity for batteries on the electric grid.

Batteries and energy storage are increasingly being used on the electric grid to support the growing use of renewable energy, increase the efficiency of the grid and ensure the reliability and resiliency of the electrical grid system. This one-hour webinar will provide attendees with an overview of the scope of the opportunity for batteries on the electric grid. Experts from leading companies will describe the market opportunity, the different applications for batteries and energy storage on the grid and the policies being developed to promote the use of energy storage.  Speakers will discuss both “behind-the-meter” customer-sited applications, as well as stationary “grid-tied” applications.


NY-BEST webinar



Preparing for UN Electric Vehicle Standard ECE R100 – What, why and how?

There are currently numerous methods for testing batteries in electric vehicles and to further complicate matters, methods refer to varied battery types, from cells to modules to complete battery systems. In terms of vehicle approval, global battery regulations will mean greater standardization and harmonization, improved safety, and importantly for battery manufacturers and a OEMs, stricter battery testing.  One regulation driving the requirement for strict abuse tests of complete battery systems, simulated vehicle fires and mechanical deformation of the battery is UN ECE R100 which is aimed to improve safety of vehicles with electrical engines.  Many countries including China are incorporating the requirements of UN ECE R100 in their national regulatory frameworks, so ECE R100 looks set to stay.

As a precursor to the safety/regulation session to be held at The Battery Show conference later this year, this webinar will introduce ECE R100, outline changes between current and future editions of the rule, and outline a framework for implementation. Through presentations and interactive online Q&A with the audience, the webinar will examine the ‘what, why and how’ of ECE R100:

  • What is UN ECE R100? What are the regulations?
  • Why does the EU have e-marking?
  • What are the differences between CE and e marking (old vs new approach directives)?
  • Why is R10 and R100 needed for Electric Vehicles?
  • How do you comply with ECE R100? – Developing a timeline for implementation