September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN



“The Battery Show is a great opportunity for us to engage with the research community and also the community of companies and other participants to help them understand what we’re doing, what we’re investing in so they can potentially continue to bring technologies that we fund at early stage toward market at a later time, and hopefully come up with technologies that will really continue to move forward over the next decade or two."

Paul Albertus PhD, ARPA-E Program Director, United States Department of Energy

“The Battery Show has offered us an opportunity for us to network, all of the industry leaders and technologists can come together and figure out how do we make the next opportunity to make improvements, and so just having the opportunity to focus and discuss the various challenges, as well as the rewards, that have occurred in the industry has been very beneficial”

Denise Gray, President, LG Chem

“Awesome show, awesome people. This show has wonderful connections”

Barton Foster, President Recruiter, The Barton Group

“We’re very pleased with the quantity and the quality of the visitors to our booth and are very encouraged by the growth of the industry; it’s a very targeted show and is consistent with our business objectives”

Dru Kefalos, Chief Marketing Officer, Black Diamond Structures

“This is our 3rd year at The Battery Show, and it gets bigger every year. We’ve had a wealth of people coming by our booth looking at our lithium deep cycle products – forklift batteries, military batteries – such a wide variety of interest from a wide variety of customers. The show has been so successful for us that I’ve run out of business cards. It’s been a huge success and we’re looking forward to signing up for next year”

Mil Ovan, Chief Marketing Officer, Navitas Systems

“Our first day of the show has been excellent, we had a lot of good leads, met new people and prospects”

Casey Elkins, Sales, FlakTek Inc

“It’s been great, we’ve met a lot of old customers and new people, it’s been a great experience and it’s only day one”

Ashley Gordon, Principle Engineer/Test Manager, Battery Innovation Center

“The Battery Show is unique in that it combines two world-class events in one. One is you have speaking sessions, you have the panels with really qualified, really strong people bringing thought leadership, bringing that discussion and interacting and sharing opinions. At the same time you have the market place of all the people displaying technology, and over the years I have been coming to this it is remarkable to me how much that has grown and I don’t think there is one other place where you have access to so many new things, so many companies doing new things.”

Craig Rigby, Advanced Market Strategist, Johnson Controls

“We came to The Battery Show to meet potential partners that we can work with. Any company that needs to use our batteries, utilities, potential suppliers, maybe other universities to work with.”

Elad Barak, VP Business Development, eCAMION

“It has been wonderful; we are expecting over 8,000 people to visit the show. We have had lots of traffic to our booth this year, lots of good conversation and I think we have some good prospects coming up.”  “I think launching the show in Europe is a great idea, Europe is one of the areas where this industry is very prevalent. With our headquarters being out of Germany, it makes complete sense for us to participate.”   

Melanie Spare, Business Development Consultant, Siemens

“This is our first show in North America. We are a battery manufacturer and we came here to The Battery Show to introduce our company to new and old customers and friends, to demonstrate our technology. We have made the connections we wanted to make. It was terrific. There have been many companies that are focused on what we do here. They are all here and we are excited to make these connections.”  “The best thing about the show has been establishing new relationships, solidifying existing ones and introducing the company to the North American market.”   

Chris Groesbeck, Battery Sales Manager for North America, CATL

“We have found it very interesting because it is increasing year by year. I visited the show five years ago and it is really growing. We have been exhibiting since last year and will also be exhibiting in April in Germany, as we are a German company and we see a global demand for batteries so this show is the right thing to do.” 

Robert Luxenhofer, Sales Director, Grenzebach

 “The show has been wonderful this year. We were here last year and it was really nice to hear that some people came here particularly to see our booth. I have actually seen a significant increase in sales on our website, and we have attributed this to the traffic we have received at our booth. It has been a very successful show, and we have had lots of quality meetings. Last year we had a lot of curious folks that are coming back, and we have real data to show them about our customers and where our products are being incorporated within the industry. Last year was more theory, this year it’s more how it is being used.”

Jeff Norris, CEO, Paraclete Energy

“The show is great; it is a unique event because it is the largest exhibition anywhere. I think The Battery Show does a great job of bringing in tons of exhibitors and a lot of traffic to the exhibition. But they also have a very good technical program with the technical talks, and that’s what sets it apart from other conferences.”

Jon Jacobs, Vice President of Business Development, Wildcat Discovery Technologies

“It’s been a fantastic experience. We have had a lot of great contacts that we have met here, but we have also reacquainted ourselves with some past friends and associates. It is a great way to network throughout the industry. It has been a very successful week; we are looking forward to next year.”

Dan Cowan, Director of Sales, InMotion

“What we do is machinery; machinery to manufacture and test cells and batteries and then charge the batteries before they go to market. It has been a great experience at the show; we have a great position. Every year we build connections with the customers; it is the best show of the year. I am glad you are moving to Europe as well, so we can enjoy that show too. Finding professional people to engage with, 10/10.”

Alessandro Fossemo, General Manager, Sovema/Solith

“We have been coming to this show for about five or six years now, and every time we come we have been able to make some really good contacts. We have met quite a few startup companies that have grown to be quite big battery manufacturers and component suppliers, and they have partnered with us. It has become a great networking event; we can access the OEM contacts too, which is a double bonus for the industry.”

Chip Bremer, Marketing and Communications Manager, Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium

“This is my first time and it has been overwhelmingly great, based on how many people there are. The sessions I have been in have been amazing and the people have been great!”

Ian Wolfe, Applications Engineer, East Penn Manufacturing

“This show has been great. I am working for a Li-ion manufacturer, and here I get to see all the outline industries involved with making energy storage a reality.”

Michael Slater, Senior Scientist, Farasis Energy

“It’s my third time in Novi for The Battery Show, and I have had a very good experience here and other years. I look forward to participating next year.”

Oliver Osswald, Area Sales Manager, Baumann Springs

“I have been here several years now, and I am very happy to be here again. I am glad to see at least two dozen Chinese companies here. The show keeps on growing locally and globally, and bigger and better.”

Milan Stevanovich, VP Global Strategy, Detroit Chinese Business Association

“This year has been awesome. I have been coming to the expo for about five years now, and this year so far it has been amazing. We have a lot of great leads and we have had a really great show.”

Fred Weber, Sales Rep, Future Technology Worldwide

“It has been really good; we have had a lot of people come to our booth, a lot of interest in our vehicles and technology from all different regions and expertise.”

Sebastien Milian, Project Marketing Manager, Valeo

“The show has been excellent. This year we have a bigger booth; we got a lot more traffic and are very satisfied. We have signed up for next year. It’s all positive.”

Friedemann Steinbach, VP, IES Synergy

“The show has been so successful today that I have actually run out of business cards, it“s been great. This is our third year and it has got bigger and better. It has been a success and we look forward to next year.”

Mill Ovon, President/CMO, Navitas Systems

“We are a second-year exhibitor; last year was our rookie year. We are very pleased with the quality of visitors we have had to our booth. We are very encouraged by the growth of the industry and this show in particular. It is a very targeted show, and it is very in line with our business objectives to be here. It has been a top-notch day.”

Dru Kefalos, Global Marketing Officer, Black Diamond Structures

“We have enjoyed being a part of this show as it continues to grow and impress people. The positive feedback we receive is validating and we look forward to being a part of this important event in the future.”

Paulette Spagnuolo, Marketing & Communications Manager, A123 Systems