Mining A Rich Technology Seam

Voltabox of Texas, a manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion battery systems, has partnered with Komatsu Mining Corporation to replace its lead-acid diesel engine powered vehicles with Voltabox lithium-ion batteries.

The initial project was the Battery Hauler (BH 18/20), an underground vehicle range capable of hauling up to 20 tons of material such as coal from underground mines.

Komatsu battery haulers are known for their extended battery life, improved maneuverability, and operational flexibility. The BH-18 features 16.4 tonnes (18 tons) rated load capacity and is ideal for mid-seam applications, while the BH-20 offers 18.2 tonnes (20 tons) rated load capacity and is ideal for high-seam applications.

In the Voltabox project, this electrically driven vehicle is being retrofitted with a 250V 160kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery system installed in a thermally controlled IP65 rated enclosure.

Lithium-ion batteries have significant advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion has a much longer life, does not outgas hydrogen or leak acid, provides better overall performance, weighs 40% less within the same volume, can be charged in one hour or less, and also lowers customers’ battery inventory.

The first lithium-ion powered Battery Hauler was delivered in June 2016 for field validation and is currently being tested in an underground mining operation. Voltabox and Komatsu are already working on the next project to replace a diesel-powered vehicle with lithium-ion batteries and this is slated to be released by the end of 2017.

Voltabox is a wholly-owned subsidiary of paragon AG, Delbrück ,Germany. It has over 25 years of accumulated know-how in the supply of high-end electronic and electro-mechanical systems to multinationals in the automotive sector. Voltabox high-performance batteries, which have been thoroughly tested in actual use, are based on an intelligent modular design.

Voltabox of Texas will be exhibiting at The Battery Show 2017 at booth 1801. 
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