Webinar: Hardware-in-the-loop testing for high-performance BMS

Steven Hoenig, the BTS Unit Manager at Bloomy Controls, is the speaker leading a Tech Insider, available-on-demand webinar that is now on IEEE Spectrum Online – ‘Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing for high-performance battery management systems on electric vehicles and energy storage systems: an open systems architecture approach’.

HIL testing is the standard approach to validating the design of xEV systems, including the battery management system (BMS) electronics and firmware. HIL test systems are used to simulate the battery, including cell chemistry, charging, discharging, drive cycles, and numerous fault conditions for testing the BMS – without the hazards of real batteries or the cost of prototype vehicles and track time. There exist vendor-defined or ‘closed’, as well as user-defined or ‘open’, approaches to the implementation of HIL test equipment. This webinar session presents an open systems architecture approach to HIL test systems implementation using commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software.

Steven Hoenig leads a cross-functional team responsible for engineering system design and development, product development, and R&D. Steven also leads business development efforts throughout the USA and internationally. Prior to joining Bloomy, Steven was a systems engineer for the Advanced Product Group of Honeywell Aerospace. In this role, he developed battery analysis technologies and stand-alone products for depot testing and on-board vehicle performance monitoring. During that time, he was awarded 11 US patents for his work in lead-acid, NiCd, AgZn, and lithium-ion battery analysis R&D.

Bloomy provides automated test equipment for battery and BMS test and simulation. Applications include BMS prototype testing, firmware regression testing, HIL, design validation, and end-of-line manufacturing test.

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