September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN


Solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery electrode slurriesIn the field of lithium-ion battery (LIB) production technologies, Bühler provides process solutions for grinding of the precursor and active LIB materials, as well as for the production of the corresponding electrode slurries.

Ideal match of skills and capabilities of the Bühler – Primix Corporation collaboration

In 2012, Bühler and Primix Corporation, based in Osaka/Japan, signed an exclusive cooperation agreement in the field of LIB production technology. In the territory of Europe and North America, Bühler offers complete solutions for the production of anode, cathode and separator slurries, including solid and liquid raw material handling. A core element of those process solutions is the FILMIX mixing technology from PRIMIX Corporation, in which Bühler is the exclusive partner.

Utilizing the CDMcontinuous dispersion mixing process for the quasi-continuous production of LIB electrode slurries, Primix Corporation contributes its proven FILMIX technology, with more than 50 production and 100 laboratory systems in use. Meanwhile, Bühler, particularly its Grinding & Dispersing Technologies business unit, contributes its market presence, its plant engineering, integration and automation capabilities and its test center, laboratory and customer service network in Europe and North America, and its own complementary activities in the field of LIB precursor and active material grinding.

Advantages of the FILMIX technology

Conventional LIB electrode slurry production relies on planetary mixers. The FILMIX technology is different. The FILMIXprocess chamber mainly consists of a stationary vessel and a rotating perforated cylindrical wheel. The wheel rotates at high speed while the fluid is continuously fed from the bottom of the vessel and pulled toward the inside wall of the vessel by centrifugal force. In the fluid film between the stationary vessel wall and the rotating wheel, a strong shear field is induced and disperses the solid materials into fine particles. The superimposed turbulent flow in the process chamber allows a very short process time. Because of the small process volume, the FILMIXequipment is very easy to clean, maintain and repair.

The FILMIXprocess enables very accurate control of the energy input into the shear field, and thereby a highly effective dispersion of the active material and conductive additives without destroying the sensitive materials involved. One of the resulting key features of theprocess is the high reproducibility of the electrode slurry properties, mainly the viscosity.

Furthermore, because of its quasi continuous approach, the FILMIXtechnology allows significant gains in productivity and linear scalability, yielding large-scale economies, which is important for industrial LIB production.

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