September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN


During an exclusive opening event for The Battery Show on Monday November 12, CEO Glynne Townsend unveiled Spider9’s pioneering Energy Operating System (OSE), designed to increase the productivity and reliability of energy storage and generation.

The system has been online at the historic Water Wheel Center in Northville, Michigan since August 2012. An 85kW solar array has been integrated with a power conditioning system and a 75kW grid-connected lithium-ion energy storage system controlled and monitored by the Spider9 OSE. The OSE has increased the useable energy from the lithium-ion battery by 20% as well as contributed towards an 80% net reduction in the facility’s grid energy consumption.

Mr Townsend introduced the OSE during a presentation at the Spider9 Headquarters, describing how it meets what he describes as its nine-point value position. The OSE software is integrated through three core hardware components: the Spider Controls, the Energy Vault energy storage system, and the Spider-Sense GUI. Six core capabilities are delivered when fully deployed: dynamic reconfiguration of the electrical architecture, dynamic system balancing, isolation of failed system components, efficient full-system integration, threat alerts, and performance prediction. Townsend stated that working together, these integrated components and capabilities improve both short- and long- term value by increasing system productivity, extending system lifespan, and decreasing maintenance costs.

“By looking at energy applications as a system, we are able to integrate all of the system components seamlessly with one another,” Townsend said. “That ultimately allows us to make the system more efficient and more reliable, which leads to lower costs.  Up to this point, the promise of renewable energy generation and energy storage has been missing the mark on cost and reliability.  With the launch of OSE, Spider9 will deliver the promise.”

Spider9 is currently designing several more commercial OSE deployments. Further details and announcements are scheduled to begin before the end of 2012.

Find out more about Spider9’s OSE and other upcoming systems at booth #B606 during The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. Register online for your free fast-track visitor pass to beat the lines at the venue.