September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN


Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies at The Battery ShowAs part of its commitment to sustainable products and manufacturing processes, Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies is displaying its range of solutions aimed at the hybrid and electric vehicle market during The Battery Show 2012.

Technologies on display include:

Overpressure Valve – Designed for use in large-format lithium ion battery systems, this valve maintains its seal during normal pressure variations caused by heating and cooling of the battery. If internal battery pack pressure exceeds a predefined limit, the seal releases to prevent potential damage to the battery system.

Housing Gasket – A range of re-openable gaskets for serial and prototype automotive lithium ion battery applications. The gaskets are optimized for sealing profile, homogeneous forces and tolerance compensation

Plug & Seal - A elastomer-coated tube with sealing and shock absorbing geometry designed for applications across a range of industries. Able to accommodate a variety of diameters, lengths, angles and end geometries, the product is also built to endure the extremes of temperature, pressure and chemical environments.

Cell Frame Seal – This structure is able to hold and stabilize a pouch-type cell as well as provide additional sealing for the seam of the pouch. It equalizes the thickness tolerance of cells, provides extra mechanical fixing for electric connectors, and features specially designed passages for directing gasses should a battery cell rupture.

Pressure Compensation: Several products are being developed to address battery pack duty cycle pressure variations, allowing the expansion and contraction of air within a battery pack without introducing additional unwanted moisture.

Visit Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies’ at booth #B504 during The Battery Show. It’s not too late to register online for the final day of the exhibition – get your free visitor pass now to get hands-on with the industry’s latest advanced battery technology.