September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN


ALABC Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium For the first time in the consortium’s 20-year history, ALABC displays two of its concept vehicles at the same event. Both vehicles demonstrate the successful research and development projects by ALABC to optimize lead-acid and lead-carbon battery technology for specific energy storage markets, and particularly for the use of hybrid electric vehicle systems.

The revolutionary LC Super Hybrid utilises Exide Technologies’ Orbital lead-carbon batteries in a micro/mild hybrid system. Featuring off-the-shelf components and a low cost, this vehicle carries the critical attributes needed to promote wider hybrid electric vehicle adoption. Visit Exide Technologies at booth #B850 to get a first-hand look at this potentially market-changing vehicle.

The East Penn Manufacturing booth at #B671 hosts the second vehicle, a Honda Civic HEV which has been retrofitted with the innovative lead carbon UltraBattery modules. Converted by Ecotality North America in co-operation with the ALABC and the U.S. Department of Energy, this vehicle has achieved a similar MPG performance with the same NiMH battery-powered model but at a significantly lower cost. Over 70,000 miles of road-testing over the course of a year has been completed with the vehicle showing no sign of a loss in battery capacity.

Dr Boris Monohov, speaker at The Battery Show 2012 Conference, commented, “The ALABC is committed to developing lead-acid and lead-carbon power supply technologies for cost-effective hybrid automotive applications, and these vehicles demonstrate the ability of advanced lead-acid batteries to be an attractive alternative to other advanced battery chemistries in today’s and tomorrow’s alternative fuel vehicles.

 “They represent the fruits of extensive research and development to optimize a new generation of batteries that provide not only the required performance standards, but also unique environmental benefits of having a 98 percent recyclability rate.”

ALABC officially introduced the vehicles at a press briefing at booth #B457 during the first afternoon of The Battery Show. Both vehicles will continue to be displayed by the ALABC member booths on Wednesday November 14 and Thursday November 15 at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi during this free-to-attend exhibition. Don’t miss your chance to see these two pioneering systems in action – register online today for fast track access to America’s biggest advanced battery technology event.