September 12-14, 2017 NOVI, MICHIGAN
Speaker Interview - Chris Lee, Honeywell

As the show grows closer we took the opportunity to talk to speaker Chris Lee, Product Line Director – Electronic Materials from Honeywell. We discussed Chris’ position at Honeywell, the growth of the semiconductor industry and presenting at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Conference. 

Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the materials and chemicals industry with a focus in the electronic and semiconductor markets. He has a BSc in Material Science from Rutgers University School of Engineering and has worked in a variety of roles in process engineering, applications engineering, business development and product line management.

ME: Mindy Emsley
CL: Chris Lee

ME: Tell us about your role; what are your key focus areas and responsibilities?
CL: I serve as the Product Line Manager for Honeywell’s Thermal Interface Materials, responsible for leading the commercial, marketing and business growth of this product line, which includes partnering with industry leaders and guiding R&D to develop innovative solutions that address thermal management challenges faced in multiple applications, including, in particular, automotive electronics.


ME: What are the key challenges and opportunities you currently face?
CL: There is a vast and diverse application base and segments that require thermal management. This includes the automotive and power space. Understanding the needs and problems in thermal management, and the trends that influence them, represents both challenges and opportunities.


ME: What would you say most excites you about your role?
CL: The technology in HEV/EV, the people and passion that make it happen. HEV/EV will continue its growth and global adoption, with driverless autos/trucks following quickly.


ME: Is there a common thread that connects these diverse industries relative to your involvement? 
CL: Absolutely. The semiconductor industry continues to deliver greater device functionality under tighter space constraints, ultimately driving higher power densities – think mobile applications, smartphones, tablets, IoT, etc. This dramatically creates thermal management challenges, which extends into automotive and power electronics. The computing power that supports auto applications such as power converters, steering and navigation systems, rivals today’s high-performance servers and computing.


ME: We’re looking forward to hearing you present, but what are you most looking forward to about the show this year? 
CL: Understanding the trends that impact thermal management – design, applications, regulation, etc. 

You can hear more from Chris Lee on September 14, 2016 when he will speak on the following session at 11:00 AM. Tutorial: Thermal Management Trends and Systems for Power Electronics.

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